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  • What is a Chartered Club?
    A private club where members pool their fees to get great deals on food, beverages and activities. By being private, we can be licensed to serve alcohol to members.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes we have a dedicated parking lot.
  • Can I get public transport to the Club?
    Yes, if you are catching the train get off at Waikanae and cross the tracks at the southern end, then you will see us on the right. Buses there are three local that stop right outside the club – 280, 281 and 290.
  • What is an adjunct?
    An adjunct is a section of our Club formed for sporting and special interest groups within the Club. For example, our Club has a darts adjunct.
  • What is 'Goldies'?
    It is one of our Club's adjuncts where senior members meet up for activities.
  • Can I bring a friend along?
    Yes. The member must sign the visitor’s book at the bar and the guest must carry the tear off slip with them whilst in the Club. Sorry but the visitor may not remain on the premises when the member leaves.
  • What is the dress code?
    We're pretty flexible on this but after 7pm smart casual is preferred.
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